Halton Pro-Life is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting a culture of life in our community, connecting people with unplanned pregnancy to resources and educating youth on core life issues.

If you need help working through your pregnancy options call or visit our office.

If you need immediate help call the 24 hr hotline at 1-800-665-0570.

Remember, you are not alone even if you’re scared! We are here to help you.

What does it really mean to be pro-life?

Being pro-life is understanding that all life is valuable and deserves to be protected no matter what stage of development.

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Why choose life?

“If the unborn is not a human being, no justification for abortion is necessary. If the unborn IS a human being, no justification for abortion is adequate”

Sometimes we have to face the hard truth no matter how difficult our situation. You can call it a Zygote, a fetus or a clump of cells but the unborn are still living human beings. Science tells us this. The unborn are simply at a different stage of development in the same way that a toddler is at an earlier stage of development than an adult or senior. It’s size, development, environment or dependency do not make it any less human.  We all know it is morally wrong to kill an innocent human being no matter how they effect us or how inconvenient it is to have them around and for these reasons we know it is wrong to kill the unborn.

Abortion denies a baby it’s right to life and hurts women physically, emotionally and psychologically. HPL supports women’s health, rights and freedom of choice by enabling them with the resources needed to carry their child to term. We direct women to the economic, emotional and future resources they may need to choose life for themselves and their offspring.

*There are positive solutions

to the struggles life brings*


Our resource centre at 760 Brant St. Burlington Ontario is filled with Brochures, Books & DVDs to inform you on all the life topics. If you are in a crisis situation and don’t know where to go for help or don’t know how to think through the choices that face you we can show you where to go to get the help you need!

Get Involved!

We have lots of activities happening throughout the community and many ways to get involved so check out our Facebook and events page!